Butterick 5895, Smart Stripes


Ok, so have you ever come across a pattern that you knew was going to be a staple for your wardrobe? One that you feel compelled to buy several of so if anything (heaven forbid) anything happens to it you have at least one or two backups? Patterns by Gertie Butterick 5895 is that pattern to me. Call them pedal pushers, call them capris, I call them love at first sight.

I’ve already made DIY Vintage Jeans and Me Made 2016 Pledge! and Butterick B5895 Two Ways. This pattern is very versatile depending on the type of fabric and print you use. Like I think I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a big fan of hip hugging jeans or trousers. I always feel exposed in the derrière area when I sit down due to that gap in the waist band, and I hate how my blouses are not long enough to camouflage that. Please tell me I’m not the only one with this issue lol!

I also think personally that a high waist jean with the right leg silhouette is much more flattering. They shape your body very well giving a nice line. Ok, so enough of my campaigning for  the return of more high waist jeans!


I purchased several yards of a lovely light-ish weight denim, in a pink stripe and a blue stripe. Let me ask you this before we continue: Does anyone else dislike cutting out the pattern pieces? I almost wish my pieces would magically be cut, darts and circles marked, laid out neatly for me to get to the best part…the sewing!


I did suffer a little setback when my vintage Nelco sewing machine decided to sabotage my sewing last night. I did not have any spare sewing needles (GASP!) so I had to call it quits. Boo.


TADA! My blue stripe Butterick jeans. I really did try to match the stripes, really I did. But I’m just as happy with the stripes NOT matching 🙂


Waist band stripes not matching but that’s ok with me. It’s fitted but not too tight, and very comfortable. LOVE. I can’t wait to make these in the pink stripe! FWI, shoes are thrifted and was 50% off for $3.98!

Thanks for reading!!!!!!