Ready for Spring with Simplicity 1692


Looking through my clothes recently I noticed I did not have enough separates. What a calamity lol! So this summer I have vowed to make enough separates to carry me into Fall. As of now I think I’ve made 5 blouses. Soooo I’m getting there 🙂

Simplicity 1692 is such a versatile pattern. Loving the 1940’s style and the simple lines. I made Simplicity 1692 Vintage 1940’s blouse in a festive white with red rick rack some time back. With Texas summer heat already here apparently, I appreciate how comfortable the blouse is! Instant breeze!


So on that note here’s my 2nd Simplicity 1692 blouse. Me Made May 2016 Day 17! I chose a spring-y pink linen with pink and gold colored shoulder buttons. I picked the same pattern design as my previous blouse, because I fell in love with that neckline. I’ve never seen a ready made store bought blouse with that unique style. It’s flattering without showing too much.



Extremely up close photo of the shoulder/button detail. *SWOON*! Buttons are from my trip to My Butterick Cherry Shorts and Fabric Outlet Haul.

I had been asked how to do steps 8 and 9 of view D. It make me scratch my head a little too at first, but I THINK I got it. I may be wrong of course but here’s how I did it.


Here’s a photo of the pins on a shoulder. The blouse and the facing are right sides together. (If you’re wondering why I didn’t use interfacing it’s only because I did not have any on hand and I just live dangerously lol).


Ok so you’re going to sew from one neck edge down to where my thumb is (the large dot you should have marked on your fabric pattern pieces). It says “break off” which means backstitch a few stitches (like a knot when hand sewing so your stitching doesn’t unravel) and clip threads. Repeat these steps on the other side of shoulder seam, but you NEED to be careful not to sew the actual loop part of the button loops. You of course want to sew the raw edges of the loops to make the loops, but the actual loop you don’t want to catch in the sewing by accident.


Sewing to the big dot. Note the red thread hand basting of the raw ends of button loops.


Turn inside out and TADA! Shoulder seams!


My cheerful pencil skirt is my own pattern. I found this fabric at the Goodwill and it looks suspiciously like oil cloth. It’s a medium weight cotton and perfect for a simple skirt. And I had just enough to make it!


Ferns, butterflies and delicate flowers 🙂 Ready for spring!IMG_3426(1)

I will say something about the sizing of this pattern. I love how it’s roomy on me. My measurements are 32 D and 27 inch waist, so I used the size 10. The envelope says the finished garment is a 38.5 inch bust. My bust measurement is 37 inches. So I have an estimated 1.5 inch ease. Hope this helps if you’re having issues with fit. I thought about going down to the size 8 with a finished bust of 37.5 but I wanted a good drape.

Thanks for reading!