My Retro Butterick B4790 Dress


Me Made May 2016 #MMMay16 Day 13 is a dress I made a few months ago and literally forgot about. It languished in my closet. How I forgot about this dress I dunno. I love it. I know some people have had fitting issues with this pattern. When I did my toile, it was big. And ill fitting. Didn’t look like the nipped waist tailored dress on the envelope at all. I really wish I had the toile still or at least a picture (I cut up the toile for other projects) but oh well. You’ll just have to take my word for it that it was not the dress I imagined.

First things first I literally went down 2 sizes on the pattern but made sure the bust would fit my ample-ness. I knew I wanted a snug waist like on the envelope cover, as the loose toile looked not so snug. It worked. Thank goodness I did a mock run of this pattern with a toile. I hate doing that first and sometimes I just wing it and go right into my dress fabric. But boy oh boy I would’ve been mighty upset to have wasted almost 5 yards of nice fabric for nothing.


TADA! I lemon yellow broadcloth dress. I used white binding and white buttons. The front closure are three snaps. So far they hold well 🙂 I am wearing my beloved petticoat underneath which as I say ad nauseum in all my posts is a must for that full look.


The only thing I altered was hand sewing the front and side pieces together under the armpit. I found that that helped give it a smooth look on the sides and I wouldn’t be self conscious about my bra showing underneath.


Up close photo of the front with the snap closure and 3 buttons 🙂 I love this pattern. I already have a sage green broadcloth saved for it, with a contrast green and pink plaid for the contrasting front. Can’t wait! If you’re contemplating  making this just measure and make a toile first! Make sure you get the fit right!


And here’s a photo of a garden gnome. Just because.





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