Simplicity 1692 Vintage 1940’s


I purchased Simplicity #1692 because I fell in love with option D on the envelope illustration. And I had a bazillion  vintage trims from my Estate Sale Haul.

I’ve never done a decorative shoulder or rick-rack trim around a collar. Or an invisible zipper. So many firsts for this pattern! Might as well start somewhere right? 🙂

The pattern and instructions are very easy to follow. I used a white broadcloth cotton. Didn’t have a head scratching moment at all! I was up till after midnight Friday sewing the trim on, and then realized I did not have the six, 1/2 inch buttons. What the heck how did I forget those? I was VERY tempted to run to my nearest Walmart in my PJ’s that very instant but I waited. Next morning I could only find 3/8 inch sized buttons. UGH. I thought they’d be too small and would slip out of the loops but so far so good (fingers crossed).


The shoulders aren’t perfect but the next time I make this I will of gotten the hang of it. I did top stitch around the shoulder/button opening.


I sewed the rick rack bow onto the blouse completely, I thought it looked better “flat” then 3-D.


The skirt is a $3.00 Goodwill find, a 100% cotton medium weight picnic blanket. I used the silhouette of a favorite wool pencil skirt and added darts, waistband and zipper. I love the finished skirt! Shoes are thrifted too (of course). I already have a peachy pink linen and a satin-y diamond pattern fabric ready to be turned into two more blouses from this pattern. This is a keeper.


Overall I’m very happy with my Me Made May 2016 #MMMay16 Day 7 outfit. So cheery! I used the size 1o in the pattern, and at first I was apprehensive. It looked BIG. But I’m happy I kept going I did not have to make any waist or bust alterations. For comparison I’m 5’8″, 36-27-39. I was scared the bust was going to be billowy but I think it’s just roomy enough.

This was my Day 7 outfit yesterday so I’m a day behind in my blog posts. Will post Day 8 next! 🙂