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Vintage Pattern Simplicity Shorts and Pyrex Imposter?


If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve learned two things…one, I love this vintage Simplicity pattern 2553 (made two skirts and one tank top and shorts set) and two, that I’m getting a lust for anything vintage Hawaii. I present to you shorts that have melded these obsessions:


I think the tropical print is just too cute. It even has volcanoes on it!


The pattern calls for a pocket on the right side, and I must admit I’m liking pockets on my pants and shorts that I make.


I’m wearing (again) my thrifted Goodwill blouse. I can see it being on heavy rotation this summer, so I better find some others so I don’t wear it out too fast.

This outfit is Day 3 of my #MMMay16 “Me Made May” (see blog post DIY Vintage Jeans and Me Made 2016 Pledge! for more info!


I did have a thrift haul I wanted to share with you as well. I found these three white colored glass cups with the happiest yellow flowers on them. $1.99 each, I bought three of them. I already had the casserole dish (without the glass lid wahhh) and the little bowl with handle, so these three cups needed to come home with me.


The casserole dish says “Ovenware” on the bottom. Wondering if they’re Pyrex imposters. I do have alot of vintage Pyrex (which I will be sharing on future blog posts!) and these in my eyes are just as pretty. Anyone out there know who made these and what era they’re from? I would love to know!

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2 thoughts on “Vintage Pattern Simplicity Shorts and Pyrex Imposter?

  1. The yellow daisy glasbake is by Jeannette Glass Co. Much of it was given as premiums in grocery stores and gas stations. I my educated date for this would have been the 1960’s. Many of their patterns I can date because I owned them or they were common in the area I lived in. You were given a coffee cup with the purchase of $20 worth of groceries and could buy the other pieces on the weeks they were offered at a discount. It could of been earlier in the 1950’s because glass bake was popular then. Most likely it was in the era of harvest gold decor. Some patterns are common in regions because of the chain store or gas station that offered it. The company went out of business in the early ’80’s. How did I know it was glasbake by the shape of the coffee mug handle and the bottom of the cup? I googled glasbake and found a picture of the pattern.

    It was not fake pyrex. This company stood on their own. They made beautiful depression glass and early american press glass. Be careful using it in a micro wave because as glass ages it losses it tempura and can break. Have fun collecting it and displaying it. The junk that comes from China today is not as pretty or high quality. We considered it everyday dishes.

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    1. Wow thanks! It’s cool to know the history behind the pretty patterns. I have alot of pyrex and if it doesn’t say microwave safe I keep it far away from that machine! You rock 🙂


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