DIY Vintage Jeans and Me Made 2016 Pledge!

Instagram is a wondrous medium. Where else can we sewers and sewing aficionados share, admire and inspire one another to create? And not just locally, but globally? Gives me shivers, simply awesome.

I came across #MMMay16 yesterday, and was like YASSSSSS I’m in. Daunting I’ll tell you, to post and wear one made-by-you item every day in May. Gets your mind thinking, how much of one’s wardrobe is mass produced over made by you? I’m almost sure I have enough not to have to sew this month, but where’s the fun in that anyway!

So here’s my pledge, taken from my Instagram post @vintagedreamblog, “Woohoo! I’m excited and a little scared at the same time. Me Made May 2016! I pledge to wear at least one hand made piece (does mend count I have lots of thrift and vintage clothes I must do) every day in May. I might not blog on every Me Made day, but I’ll post it!”

EEEEKKK! Ok so here goes May 1st 2016:


My Butterick Patterns by Gertie high waist jeans #B9895. I had made these in an earlier post, my Butterick B5895 Two Ways as a pair of shorts in a cheery cherry fabric and trousers in a thrifted Goodwill sheet.


I love this pattern. I can’t say it enough. Who doesn’t love a good high waist jean that doesn’t expose your backside when you sit down like hip huggers sometimes can?


I used a classic wash blue jean fabric from Joanns. Love how simple and clean the lines are in front, and how it hugs me just right.


I apologize for the sun beam induced photo, I took this shot a zillion times and the sun was like nope, not today. Just wanted to show you the waist detail 🙂 I just a simple dark blue zipper for the back center closure, and I’m thinking next time I’ll use a flashy blue jean zipper. We shall see. The cute yellow top I did not make it was a thrift store find, as are the purse and polka dot slide heels. I wore this outfit yesterday and I loved it so much I’m wearing it again today. It’s just one of those outfits ❤

#MMAY16 day one done!


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