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Butterick B6094 And My Nelco Sewing Machine


Have you ever just gravitated to a color that you never really gave much though to before? Like, “Where have you been all my life? Why haven’t I ever given you a chance before?” For me, it’s the color orange. Orange is one of those colors that I used to think was tricky to wear. I really don’t think I even thought of wearing it until I found this cute retro-ish orange and beige cotton fabric.

I can’t tell you how many times I tried taking a photo of this dress and it’s fabric. They just don’t do the print or colors justice! In real like it’s a much more vibrant print. Very dainty orange dots with tan speckles on a beige background. Reminded me of mod 1960’s prints for some reason. So naturally I had to make it into a wiggle dress ala Mad Men style.


Butterick B6094 has yet again been my pattern of choice. The designer Gertie made the back fold down panels an excellent opportunity to pull a color from your print and make it pop. And I’m on a covered buttons kick, don’t judge lol!


I love how this dress looks completely different from Butterick B6094…Again and Butterick B6094 a.k.a. My FAV dress and it’s the same pattern! Wonderful 🙂


So a few weeks ago my dear husband was out and about when he called me. He had been driving when he came across a yard sale. He said they had an “old sewing machine” for sale. Yes, he knows his wife well. He haggled the yard sale purveyor for a sale of $20. I could not wait for him to come home! (though I’m always happy when he comes home I’ll set the record straight lol).


I fell in love. The case was beaten up, the handle on top had been replaced with tape wrapped wire, and it had certainly seen better days. But I thank that cover for it kept the machine in amazing shape.

It’s a cream and beige Nelco sewing machine. Created in Japan around the 1960’s I want to say and made WELL. Alot of metal parts, a real muscle car of sorts and heavy. The dials and face plate, feet and all its’ inner parts were in great shape, even the foot and cord was good.

The bed of the machine is scratched up pretty bad but that’s because when it was stored someone put the metal foot pedal right on it without using a cover or a piece of fabric underneath. But that doesn’t make me love it any less. I will sew a little pocket to slip on the foot when storing. After my wonderful mother took the time to give it some oil and a little tune up, it was ready. It purrs like a kitten when I sew on it, like it’s telling me, “Thank you for giving me another chance!”


Don’t you just love the knobs and style? i know I will never be able to afford a classic car but this is as close to that as I’ll ever get. Such beauty 🙂

I hope you liked this post, and I hope I see a photo or two of your machines!

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