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Butterick 6318 and Goodwill Haul


Ahhh, vintage dresses. My Achilles’ heel. Butterick’s 6318 is one of my weaknesses. I purchased it awhile back with the intention of copying the pattern envelope’s black and white striped design dress. I don’t own any striped dresses (I don’t think I do anyway lol) and thought that Butterick one was just divine.


Flashback to my Goodwill haul with the $2.00 sheet. I had a great idea. Let’s turn this sheet into Butterick 6318. If anything, it would be a good toile of sorts to let me figure out the pattern and any alterations. Muahahahaha, let’s begin!


Here is the sheet with the pattern pieces pinned and ready to go. I had just enough sheet! I apologize for the diagonal ray of sunset light. Looks like a lazer beam.


Here is the dress sans a zipper. Thought I had a 22″ zipper in my stash but turned out I did not. And since I do not own a dressmaker’s form *insert long, sad sigh here* picture of it on the floor it is. I did try to match up stripes, really I did.


And one trip to the store for a zipper later and here is the finished dress! As a side note I am wearing a petticoat underneath. The only two things I will change on this dress is ONE) make the collar opening a little wider, and TWO) make the waist ties longer. They are long enough to cross in front and tie in the back, but not long enough for me to tie it in a big bow. I like bows 🙂


Overall I love the pattern. Very easy to follow instructions. Just enough darts to give the dress shape but not so many that you start panicking. Finished in 3 hours or so. With my $2.00 in fabric I’m very happy with the results.


I would love to try this pattern in a pink gingham with solid pink waist ties. That would look so sweet!


And of course my post would not be complete without my thrift haul. At today’s Goodwill store all green colored tags were 50% off. So me being me I only bought green colored tags. So I present to you my entire haul for a total of $6.82 including tax. YASSSSSS. Two cute cardigans, one candy striped cloth (tablecloth?) and two unused skeins of crochet thread.


Why on Earth am I buying cardigans when today was a humid, sticky, hot day in San Antonio? I don’t know! I’ll save them for fall. And can we take a minute to appreciate the yoke on this one? Isn’t fair isle knitting beautiful?

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