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Tupperware, Sweet Tupperware


So what can I say about vintage Tupperware that you don’t already know? Durable? Yes. Stylish? Yes. Great at parties? Yes!

I think all of us have a Tupperware memory or two as a child, digging through the fridge to find the leftovers or we eagerly watched grandma fill her Tupperware jar with cookies.


I don’t know how harvest gold took the 1970’s by storm, but it does look nice on these canisters. Just push down on the center of the lid and it keeps the contents locked in and fresh. Why don’t they make these in pastel colors now? I would buy those by the hundreds.

When I found these at our local thrift store I was so excited. SCORE! On the shelf next to these was a sad looking, cracked lid avocado green Tupperware canister that had seen the inside of one too many dishwashers. That one wouldn’t come home with me. Fortunately the gold ones looked pretty good for their age. Found a Tupperware cake carrier, a cute pair of kitchen tongs and a vintage potato cutter-french fry maker too (I’ll do a blog post just for that little number, I want to test drive a potato in it!).


So here’s happy me skipping all the way to the cashier when OMG the lady in line in front of me had the other canister to complete the set! I just stood there, staring at her until I realized I had been holding my breath. After I regained oxygen to my brain I sighed. Wasn’t meant to be. ‘Till next time 3rd Tupperware canister. ‘Till next time.

I am proud to say we’ve already used the large canister. One of our lovely dogs decided to leap over the coffee table and knock over a cup of water on a remote control. One bag of rice in Tupperware for a day and voila! Dried out remote control. *Disclaimer* I have no idea if that was a good idea to bury the remote in the rice, so if you try it and it doesn’t work or makes it worse, NOT MY FAULT lol…and I just wanted to try out the push-to-seal lid anyway 🙂


So on this beautiful spring day in Texas, let’s take a moment to appreciate the little things in life like these fushia flowers, and to remember the Tupperware that got away…


4 thoughts on “Tupperware, Sweet Tupperware

  1. I have Tupperware memories from my childhood too! They are strong enough that I had to buy a Tupperware container that was just like my mom’s! I like the idea of looking for them in thrift stores. I will need to do that. I enjoy your posts very much!


  2. I just took a look at Ebay for fun and they do have plenty of harvest gold tupperware. I attended my share of tupperware parties back then so I had fun looking at it all again. Thanks for sharing.


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