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Kaleidoscope Dreams Fashion Show


Last night rocked. Such a great fashion show full of optimism and creativity with some of the best fashion designers in SA!


I do have to talk about what in my opinion was the most inspiring of designers that evening, Lauren Nicole (follow her on Instagram @Designsbyln). Can you believe she’s only 15 years old and is already a seasoned designer? Amazing. Remember this young lady, she’s destined for greatness.


Doesn’t Lauren Nicole’s gorgeous gold dress look like old Hollywood glamour? Some Marcel waves and a long single strand necklace and you’d be instantly Great Gatsby chic. Everyone needs some glamour in their lives!


I also have to mention that Lauren Nicole had beautiful runway models as well! *Shameless plug= yes, that’s my 2 hour-to-make skirt, Je’Taime Paris Skirt in a Hurry I made just for this show!*


Kaleidoscope Dreams also had great vendors to browse, and I was simply amazed at these sketches. Her name is Rani M. (ranimaiti@yahoo.com.mx). Her sketches looked like they were from a haute couture Parisienne fashion house. Simply amazing.


And be still my heart, vintage clothes! RABA VINTAGE (yes they have an Etsy store!) Who doesn’t love a good dose of vintage shopping?

The Dorcol Distilling Company were great hosts of the show and I will definitely go there again.

Observing such a vibrant fashion show has fueled my creative juices and has made my fingers itch for some fabric! What inspires you to create? Well, don’t forget to do it!