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I need more yellow in my life


Have you ever worn a certain color and had your mood instantly lifted? Like BAM! I’M HAPPY!” Well, today that color is yellow. Butter yellow 🙂

It’s such a cool spring day here in SA that I decided I needed to match the season. Behold, my thrifted H&M shift. Has a mod sixties look in my eyes, wish I had go-go boots and a Bridget Bardot ‘do…..


Why I’m not smiling in the photo I dunno. That dress made me happy! The clip on earrings were a vintage store find, love the milkyness of them. I do find however that when I have to use my cell I have to take off the earring first because it’s so big. No pain no gain. The plastic flats were an Ebay find, a nice throwback to my 1980’s childhood. And they’re sparkly. LOVE. The orange purse was one of my very first thrift finds as a teenager, reminds me of a Starburst candy. A dash of blue eye shadow here, a swish of frosty peach lipstick there and viola, my sixties inspired spring outfit. It needs a few chunky Lucite bangles, which give me time I will find for a bargain at a thrift store (it’s ALL about the positive thinking!)


While we are on the topic of yellow let’s discuss the cutest thrift find this week, this mushroom sugar and creamer set. Not a chip or scratch on them (YES!) but I have a creeping suspicion the creamer had a cute lid at one time (BUMMER). The lid on the sugar bowl makes you say “Awwwww.”

Thank you Midge in 1977 for painting these ‘shrooms. They have a good home now.