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Butterick B6094 And My Nelco Sewing Machine

Have you ever just gravitated to a color that you never really gave much though to before? Like, “Where have you been all my life? Why haven’t I ever given you a chance before?” For me, it’s the color orange. Orange is one of those colors that I used to think was tricky to wear.… Continue reading Butterick B6094 And My Nelco Sewing Machine

Outfits · Vintage Finds

Butterick 6318 and Goodwill Haul

Ahhh, vintage dresses. My Achilles’ heel. Butterick’s 6318 is one of my weaknesses. I purchased it awhile back with the intention of copying the pattern envelope’s black and white striped design dress. I don’t own any striped dresses (I don’t think I do anyway lol) and thought that Butterick one was just divine. Flashback to… Continue reading Butterick 6318 and Goodwill Haul

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My Vintage Inspired Felt Circle Skirt

Maybe I watched Madmen too much. Maybe it’s because I love the mid century modern mini bar husband and I found this past year. Whatever it is, I LOVE this cocktail theme felt circle skirt. I found it while drooling over an amazing Etsy store, Butch Wax Vintage. OMG I want every single piece of… Continue reading My Vintage Inspired Felt Circle Skirt