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Gingham Ensemble and Thrift Pot


*DRUM ROLL PLEASE!* I proudly present to you my completely thrifted outfit. Pink gingham button down blouse, high waisted shorts (ala 1980’s?), polka dot wedges, fishy straw purse and wooden flower petal earrings.

Makes me want to put on some cat eyed sunglasses, hop into a vintage convertible and drive around Cali. BUT since I can’t do that right now the outfit is enough 🙂


I did want to add though that I found the cutest 1970’s pot at the thrift store, with a colorful, psychedelic flower design around it. And of course like most thrift store pots and pans, the lid was no where to be found. Oh well, the pot’s still cute. So while I’m typing this up I’m eating my noodles/egg/brunch. BURP.