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My “What The Heck Is That?” Find


Last week my husband I and were perusing around a thrift store and I see a worn brown box on a shelf. Lo and behold it is a…..I don’t know what it is. Somewhat heavy molds with a detachable handle. Ok.


“Party Patty-Pac Shells And Mold.” Say that ten times fast. The cover hinted at what the mysterious metal molds did, fry stuff. But what? First thought, ground beef pushed into the molds and fried? Hmmm, probably not.  Box stated it came with instruction manual which alas was NOT in the box anymore. F0r $3.99 though I couldn’t pass it up, and I took it home.


Woosh! Flash forward a week later TODAY. Browsing a different thrift store I find THIS! What are the odds, from not ever seeing these things to TWO sightings in a week. It was the “Nordic Ware Double Rosette & Timbale Iron” and wait for it…..WITH instructions in the recipe book all for $2.99. YASSSSSSSSSSS…….


The image on the box gave me a sort of epiphany. Cookie like rosettes, warm and sprinkled with powered sugar. A shell filled with glistening baby carrots. Eureka.


Reading the back I got excited, “….delight your guests…” yes I DO want to delight guests! “Wonderful too, as individual shells for creamed or buttered vegetables..” ACK! I have a can of peas in the pantry destined to be buttered and nestled in a fried shell. “…serve either ROSETTES OR TIMBALES as a cookies or top with ice cream…” OMG that’s awesome.


I read each and every page of the little recipe booklet. No copyright, no date of publishing. It not only shared recipes such as “Tunnel Of Fudge” (to use with a BUNDT pan which the company made and still makes, more on that later), “False Frommage”, “Frosty Lime Seafood Salad” and “ABC Aspic”, they also advertised the pans they sold. BUNDT pans, casserole dishes, Nordic Ware custom line, etc. With color names like “Harvest Gold, Avocado and Tangerine Poppy” it’s safe to say this is probably late sixties to seventies era cookware. Sweet. I want to make everything in here.


I looked online and found that Nordic Ware is still producing kitchware today, including their famous Bundt Pan. Since it’s start in 1946 it’s been American made. They even have an online catalog.

I continued to look online and discovered that these iron rosettes are still being made today. has some here, and has some here

So with that I’m happy to say I’m plotting my way to cooking up a few of the more unusual recipes in the booklet, and I will let you know if I triumph or fail 🙂 Now I gotta find me a thrifted BUNDT pan……..



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