So it all started with a dress…


Hello! So today marks the day I start my blog. It all started when I looked online for a fifties style dress. Found them. Alot of them. Gorgeous dresses. I practically licked my computer screen at all the things I wanted. But at a time when I couldn’t drop a few benjamins on clothes just cuz, what was I to do?

“Make it yourself!” my sewing machine whispered to me (yes it said that). And off to my nearby fabric store I went. I dusted off my high school sewing skills and read the pattern instructions out loud ten times like, “What the *bleep* are they asking me to do with this dart?!” or ” Did I really just sew that the wrong way?!” A few hours later I had a dress. And I loved it. But it was time to test drive that dress in the real world.

Went to my grocery store, feeling self conscious and awkward. My zipper skills are to be laughed at, who can sew a zipper in first try anyway? I knew my bodice seams did not line up perfect (as my OCD voice in my head reminded me), and I knew, I just KNEW, people would stand in line, buy a ticket and wait for hours just to point and laugh at my creation.

Walked past a cashier, caught her eyes…and I power walked to the nearest aisle.

“Miss!!” I hear a voice behind me. I turn around to see the cashier who had abandoned her post.

“I LOVE that dress!” she said, “I just had to tell you!” and with that she ran back to her register to a line of angry customers.

That’s when I knew. It was time to stop being self conscious. She loved the dress too! Kindred spirits of a sort. Super cool.

I love vintage clothes, vintage style, vintage alot of stuff. Life is short so why not be quirky and silly and YOU? And it felt great to know I wasn’t the only one in the world that liked that dress. So with the urging of a good friend, I start this blog. To tell other like minded quirky people you are not alone, and it’s much more fun being different!

So what’s this blog about you ask? DIY, vintage sewing and yarn work, attempting to cook vintage food (emphasis on ATTEMPT), and sharing my thrift store, garage sale and antique finds. Hope you like it, hope you subscribe, like and share, and I hope it inspires you to be you 🙂 And I’ll do my next blog post about this dress pattern, Butterick B6094 🙂


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