Easter #OOTD


Easter! What better day to throw on some color and welcome spring than with an obligatory duck face?


Just wanted to share my outfit of the day, sourced from eBay and thrift stores.


Found this little brooch the other day at a thrift shop for only $3. Can’t decide what type of flower it is…cornflower? Pansy? But cute nonetheless.

Sweater is thrifted, a nice ecru color and a tad large through the waist, but tucked into a skirt it works just fine!


Loving my eBay find a Hawaiian pinup girl skirt 🙂 Makes me yearn for sandy beaches and endless pina colandas *insert long sigh here*.

And yes, plastic shoes. Sparkly plastic shoes. Vogue lol!

*Please ignore the hair it’s day 3 of a pin curl set and it’s all but gone 😦 *